Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dental Deck 2013 2014

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology, 9th Edition

Michael G. Newman DDS (Author), Henry Takei DDS MS (Author), Fermin A. Carranza Dr. ODONT (Author), Fermin Carranza (Author), Henry Takei (Author)

This new, updated edition of CARRANZA'S CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource in periodontics available today. Beautifully illustrated, it describes clinical aspects of modern periodontology balanced by detailed presentations of the fundamental basis of anatomy, physiology, etiology, and pathology.


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Thursday, February 28, 2013

AIIMS NEET 2013 Answer Key MDS/PG Exam Question Paper Solutions

You can find the details about AIIMS NEET 2013 Answer Key MDS/PG Exam Question Paper Solutions. Are you looking to find AIIMS NEET 2013 Exam Answer Key ? Do you want to check the Answer Key for NEET 2013 Exam ? Candidates recently downloaded Admit card for NEET 2013 exam for 13th January 2013 exam. Now you can check and download the Answer Key from online.

NEET MDS/ PG Diploma courses 2013 Exam successfully conducted on 13th January 2013. Candidates who are looking to find the NEET 2013 Answer key pdf file, can check and download from online. Candidates can check the Answer Key available in official website of All India Institute of Medical Sciences. We will also will publish the Answer Key for NEET MDS 2013 Exam once we get it.

Candidates can discuss about your exam and also can share the answers which you got to know. Feel Free to discuss about your Exam Experience in this post comments section.

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Funny Name of Instruments (Posted by Users)

Here are some funny names suggested by DMnDL Fans on the DMnDL Facebook Page.
You can add more funny names of dental instruments/Materials.

THE TICKLER- Polishing instruments they tickle the tooth while polishing! [By Mudita Agrawal]

SCRAPER - Instruments used to clean tooth surface (perio instruments to scrap the plaque and calculus off them!)  [By Mudita Agrawal]

TRAY- To serve impressions( just like tea cup on saucer!)  [By Mudita Agrawal]

ELEVATOR- To lift tooth from socket (just like the one in supermarkets!)  [By Mudita Agrawal]

SHOWER - Water jet( teeth need to bathe too!)  [By Mudita Agrawal]

WIND - Air jet (Hawwa ka jhonka!)  [By Mudita Agrawal]

Drill - Aerotor [By Vipin Bansal]

Photo Session of Teeth/Camera:  Xrays (after all they r no less than models in a fashion show!))  [By Mudita Agrawal]

Suction : Clean Up Cart  [By Mudita Agrawal]

Drilling Machine : Aerotor, Micromotor  [By Mudita Agrawal]

Grip : Matrix band retainer [By Raja Suhail]

Soccer: Ball burnisher [By Raja Suhail]

Agni : Spirit lamp  [By Raja Suhail]

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kaplan NDB Part 1 Review Notes (Vol 2)

Physiology, Anatomic Science, Histology, Dental Anatomy


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Kaplan NDB Part 1 Review Notes (Vol 1)

NDB Part I Kaplan Review Notes, Volume One: Microbiology & Immunology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology.

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Textbook of Endodontics By John Ingle 6th Edition

Book Description

Publication Date: December 31, 2007 | 
ISBN-10: 1550093339 | 
ISBN-13: 978-1550093339 | 
Edition: 6
This textbook, which has been known as the "Bible of Endodontics" for over 40 years, will, in its 6th edition, retain its recognition as "The Bible". 
With over 75 contributing authors from all over the world and 40 chapters, the new Ingle s Endodontics will be the first endodontic textbook specifically prepared fort the world's endodontic specialists and graduate students in advanced endodontic programs world-wide. It will continue to be the standard against which all other endodontic texts will be measured. The main divisions of the book will be "The Discipline of Endodontics," "Endodontic Pathobiology," "Endodontic Examination, Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning," "Management of Endodontic Disease," "Surgical Procedures in Endodontics, and" Related Endodontic Treatment." For the most part the illustrations will be in color. The evidence based bibliography for each topic will be extensive. Controversies in endodontics will be explored. Diagnosis and management of pain and infections will be broadened. A new section dealing with maxillary sinusitis and endodontic disease, expanded by CT scans is featured. The newest endodontic armamentaria are covered in depth. With a roundup of the world's experts in all phases of the specialty, Ingle s Endodontics, 6th edition, promises to be the ultimate in endodontic textbooks. It will be essential for every endodontist's library. SPECIAL FEATURES Accompanying the text will be DVDs produced by famous clinicians detailing their techniques. The entire text, with all of its illustrations, will be on an accompanying DVD.

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